July 2009 Party Mix feat. MC Question Mark

dj_construct_july_09This was a really fun short Drum and Bass party mix that was done around the 4th of July weekend of 2009 at Tech Itch’s studio. My friends and I were present for a barbeque and out of the blue, I was lucky enough to use the prince of darkness himself Tech Itch’s studio at night to record this short jump up mix along with MC Questionmark who came through to bless up the mic, with his lyrical danger. There were other friends present for the mix such as Alien Tom, Red Sonya, Big Black, Seabass and others, all there to rock out during this 4th of July party mix session. I call this the party mix for it is no where near my perfection standards, since the planning of this mix was extremely minimal and for the fact that it was very last minute, but at the same time I felt this was a very memorable and a historically relevant mix considering it is a bosh jump up drum and bass mix recorded at Tech Itch’s studio when usually the standards for the Tech Itch studio would only cater to the darker and more heavier sounds that drum and bass has to offer. This mix is 46 minutes and 20 seconds and was recorded on 2 Pioneer CDJ’s, with an Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer, recorded through Mark Cairo’s board. So I hope you enjoy, and of course there will be many more mixes to follow. You can also check out my other mixes here on the website or on my soundcloud page: www.soundcloud.com/djconstruct
Construct – MC-Questionmark-July-09-Party-Mix by DJ Construct

1. Original Sin – Download Remix
2. TC – The Rogue
3. Distorted Minds & Dirty Harry – More
4. Sub Zero – Motion
5. Rawtee – Battery V.I.P.
6. Prestige Feat. Nik Itch – Businessman
7. Hazard – Wicked So
8. Steppa & Kitcha – Come Down V.I.P.
9. D* Minds – T-10 (Gangster Step Remix)
10. Original Sin – T-10 Remix #2
11. Distorted Minds – Old Skool Strings
12. Zen – Beat ‘Em Up
13. EZ Rollers – Jackie Mittoo
14. Johnny Cage – Terminator X
15. Prestige – Yin Yang
16. TC – Square Waves
17. Rawtee Feat. Mandarin – Ghetto Instincts
18. Original Sin – Back For More
19. Majistrate – Untouchables
20. Dillinja – Watching You

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